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Welcome to Uninvited Online Bible Study featuring Lysa TerKeurst! We're so glad that you've joined us. This is your home for all things related to the study so bookmark this page as you'll return each week as a new session becomes available.

Overview of Uninvited

In this six-session video Bible study, bestselling author and Proverbs 31 Ministries President Lysa TerKeurst offers biblically-based hope and encouragement for anyone who has ever felt "less than", left out or lonely. You'll discover how to heal from past rejections, how to better deal with current rejections, and how to overcome the fear of unexpected rejections in the future. This study will take you on a journey to restore your confidence and overcome your insecurities!

Week 1 - Living Loved

Session 1 will be available to view during the week of Mar 11 - Mar 17

Week 2 - Empty or Full?

Session 2 will be available to view during the week of Mar 18 - Mar 24

Week 3 - The Yoke of God Is Freedom

Session 3 will be available to view during the week of Mar 25 - Mar 31

Week 4 - Set Apart

Session 4 will be available to view during the week of Apr 1 - Apr 7

Week 5 - Remembering God's Presence

Session 5 will be available to view during the week of Apr 8 - Apr 14

Week 6 - Lessons From the Olive

Session 6 will be available to view during the week of Apr 15 - Apr 21

Come Back Each Week

Each of the video segments will be released one-by-one every Sunday morning during our study. You'll be invited to come back each week to view the latest video with thousands of others in this unique online study community. Each week, we'll have a brief blog post, along with questions for personal reflection or discussion with others (if you’re sharing this study with someone else), appropriate Scriptures and a prayer! And since your weeks can often be hectic, we'll have a special "catch-up week" when you'll be able to go back and watch any video segments you may have missed. We pray you are blessed by this online Bible study as you draw encouragement and hope from these powerful sessions!


Welcome to our current Online Bible Study featuring Lysa TerKeurst. In Uninvited, a six-session, video-based online study, Lysa explores the sensitive topic of rejection; something that virtually everyone has experienced at one time or another. Through these helpful sessions, you'll stop feeling left out, and start believing that "set apart" doesn't mean "set aside"!

Our Schedule

  • Week One: Mar 11 - Mar 17
  • Week Two: Mar 18 - Mar 24
  • Week Three: Mar 25 - Mar 31
  • Week Four: Apr 1 - Apr 7
  • Week Five: Apr 8 - Apr 14
  • Week Six: Apr 15 - Apr 21
  • Catch-Up Week: Apr 22 - Apr 28

Uninvited Resources

Get the Resources You Need

We heartily recommend both Lysa's best-selling Uninvited book, the ancillary Study Guide, and the DVD (with all six video teaching segments included), but all are optional and not required for our study. If you do decide to purchase these excellent tools to add to your study though, we ask that you allow us to serve you with them in support of this study offering (as well as future ones). We've made arrangements to offer both the Uninvited book and Study Guide for just $5 (regularly $16.99 and $12.99 respectively). We're also offering the 6-Session DVD for only $14.97 (regularly $29.99)! You can get any of these resources at savings of 50-70% off in our store or on our website... at any time during this study (Sale offer ends May 31, 2018).

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