Louie Giglio

Goliath Must Fall

Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Online Bible Study
with Louie Giglio

Online Bible Study Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to participate in this study?
Absolutely nothing! It is provided as a service from us to you... and your friends. We do ask that you consider purchasing any copies of materials you utilize from us, and we've even made arrangements to offer them all at savings of 50% (or more!) off the regular price during this study.
What communication can I expect to receive? I don't want to be inundated with emails.
After sign up you'll receive ONE email each week as you're going through the study. We'll keep you updated on the assigned reading for the week and where to watch your companion videos. After the study ends, we will send you our periodic announcements about other such studies, as well as special offers. You can unsubscribe from any of these at any time.
I can't find my confirmation email with the free downloads. Was it sent?
You should receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes after signing up. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folders. Look for sender email address info@youronlinebiblestudy.com. Gmail users, the email may be located in the Promotions tab. If you still can't find the email, you can try to register again (make sure there are no typos in your email) or contact our customer support team – they'd be happy to help you!
How can I engage with my small group or church on Facebook?
Are you a church or small group leader looking for a way to connect your members together to promote community during the Goliath Must Fall online video study? If you already have a Facebook group for your church or small group, great! We want to encourage you to use it during the study so all the women in your church or group participating can connect, engage, and encourage one another as they go through the study together. If you don't have an existing Facebook group, don't worry! We're here to help you get one set up with a few easy-to-follow steps! Click here for instructions...
I'm already part of a small group at church. How can we do this study with you?
All of the online activities associated with this study are optional. You can still structure your group like a traditional Bible study using the free downloads we've provided and the study materials in the book. Feel free to follow our study calendar and meet every week for six weeks or set up your own schedule and go at your group's pace.
My Internet connection is slow. Can I buy the DVDs and watch the videos that way?
Yes! The videos that are on the DVDs are the same videos as what will appear online. This is a nice option if you’re in a traditional church setting and don’t have an Internet connection, or if you want to do the study later and go at your own pace. Plus, you can purchase the DVD at 50% savings at any time during this study from us!
I don't live in the USA and want to do this Bible study. How can I obtain the materials please?
Even though we do not currently sell or ship products internationally, anyone with Internet access can watch the videos for FREE week by week, and follow along with our weekly emails.
Is this something I could do via Skype? I am looking for a study to do with my friends , but we are in different cities.
Absolutely! The weekly videos will be available online so you could get on Skype (or Google Hangouts, iChat, or whatever), watch them at the same time, then talk and process through the questions and each week's reading together. We love this idea! What an awesome way to bond with friends across the miles.
Is this online Bible study just for women?
Everyone and anyone is welcome to join our online Bible studies. Some of our studies have more appeal to women; others to men, but always the Scriptural truths and study of God's Word are for everyone.
Will you be offering other such studies in the future?
Yes! We have a full slate of studies planned in the coming months. We'll continue to offer them as long as you continue to support them! To this end, please feel free to invite others to join you, as the more we have participating, the more likely we'll be able to offer future studies.

Do you have other questions?

Contact us, we'll be happy to answer them! We want to not only make our online Bible studies free, but also easy to utilize. You can contact us at customerservice@webfulfillmentservices.com.

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