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"What God is trying to help us see is that there is a fight to be fought, a race to be run, something of eternal significance to be contended for." - Louie Giglio
Week Four - Comfort Must Fall

Welcome back...to this, the fourth week in our study of the story of David and Goliath. We're beginning to see that there are numerous giants in our land (even today), giants such as fear and rejection that we've already studied; but the one today is perhaps the most subtle and therefore, the scariest of all! Get ready to have your comfort shaken, as Louie shares how the giant of comfort must fall...

Trouble arises when the desire for safety and security becomes the dominant theme of our lives. When relaxation mentality supplants our attentiveness to God's call on our lives.

Louie opens this week's session by posing a fascinating question...why did King Saul not engage Goliath in battle, long before David arrived on the scene? After all, Saul had the best armor in all of Israel, he was a proven warrior, he was even the tallest man in the nation (1 Samuel 9:2)! What was it that paralyzed Saul, and all the otherwise brave men in his army, for 40 days and 40 nights?

To make it personal, what is it that sometimes paralyzes you and keeps you from moving forward against the Enemy? Could it be that you have done what the armies of Israel did on that battlefield, and you've just "settled in" to a daily routine of living in defeat before the enemy? Have you set up camp in a place where there is no victory, but in spite of that, you've managed to make yourself comfortable anyway?

This week's teaching segment with Louie is entitled Comfort Must Fall, and it is waiting for your viewing now!

Reminder: Watch this video the week of Jun 3 - Jun 9
This week's "takeaway" statement:
"Faith thrives...in holy discomfort"

When you think about it, David did more in "40 mintues" than Saul and his army did in "40 days". The issue was Saul and the army of Israel had settled in to a place of "comfort". They were living in daily defeat, but they had made themselves comfortable in it. Sitting around their campfires, holed up in their tents; each waiting on someone else to move out and engage the enemy...take the risk of battle.

Often, we settle for our comfort, rather than stepping out into God's holy discomfort. And in the end, our comfort winds up doing us in. We miss God's calling and purpose in that moment, and the resulting reward that would have accompanied our obedience.

Is God waiting on you to move forward in some area of your walk with him? Are you wavering or waiting for all the pieces to line up before you advance? Are you, like the armies of King Saul, getting up each morning, dressing for battle, but then too afraid to engage the enemy; only to return to your tent...defeated for another day?

Remember, as the old evangelist Vance Havner used to say, "God didn't save you to make you happy, he saved you to make you holy." God is not calling us to be comfortable, he is calling us to be faithful.

Spiritually speaking, comfort and ease are not what God points us toward. Jesus did not save us to make us comfortable, he saved us to change us, and then use us as his agent for change in our world. Don't miss that in this epic story from 1 Samuel 17, the entire nation of Israel benefited from David's willingness to say no to his personal comfort, and trust God in his day.

If you've not already done so...

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Lastly for this week, we encourage you to spend time in prayer as part of your study session. Ask the Lord to remind you of his victory on your behalf, and to give you strength to walk in that victory; both for your freedom, and His fame.

Prayer for the Week
Father, thank you for the potential and incentive that this week's session offers me, to change the direction of my spiritual walk and development. May I never become "satisfied"; shake me from my complacency and challenge me to not sit in comfort, but go out and engage the enemy each day in the strength of Your might. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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