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Goliath Must Fall

Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

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with Louie Giglio

"If we truly want to change, then we need to understand our dependency on the all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ. Our change is more about trusting and
less about trying."
- Louie Giglio
Week One - Dead But Still Deadly

We are so excited for you! Today we welcome you to the first session in our online Bible study featuring pastor and best-selling author Louie Giglio. We are confident that over the next six weeks of this study, you'll be encouraged and strengthened as you gain fresh insight into how the "giants" that taunt you, have already been defeated! These sessions contain life-affirming truth, straight from the Word of God...so let's get started with this first session with Louie.

When you believe Jesus is bigger than whatever it is you're facing, something is going to shift in you.

It is the greatest underdog story in history, and one of the best-known stories in all of the Old Testament. We even use the term "David vs. Goliath" in reference to sporting events, business deals...even politics. What is it that makes this story so intriguing, so extraordinary? Perhaps it is that we all face "giants", and like Saul and his army, we often wind up being taunted by them; day after day after day.

Beginning with this week's segment and continuing over the five sessions to follow, you will gain fresh insights and encouragement for not only facing your personal "giants"; but understanding that because of Christ, they have already fallen! We are praying for you as you begin...

Your first week's video, Dead But Still Deadly is waiting for your viewing now!

Reminder: Watch this video the week of Sep 23 - Sep 29
This week's "statement to hold on to":
"Your giant is dead, and yet...your giant is still deadly."

In this first session, Louie will reveal to you why the perspective of who David represents in this familiar story is so vitally important. He also shares a vivid illustration of how, though your giant is already dead (with its head cut off!), that dead head can still speak into your life and cause setbacks, discouragement, pain and fear.

As we come to full understanding of the fact that "we are not David" in this story; we also realize that it is not up to us to defeat our own giants. Jesus has already won every victory for us through his work on the cross on our behalf. And just as David stepped on that battlefield that day and won the victory that Saul and his armies were too discouraged and defeated to win, Jesus has stepped on to your battlefield and won every victory over every giant for you as well!

Remember as you read this story from 1 Samuel 17 once again, Goliath was not born nine feet tall; he was born small...and grew. Most likely any giant you are facing didn't start out big. It probably started small, and grew to where today, it may seem to tower over you. Goliath was over nine feet tall...that's big! How big is your giant? The truth is, it doesn't matter...for your God is bigger!

Lastly, don't miss the important spiritual principle that Louie makes, the victory over our giants is not only for our freedom; it is for Jesus' fame as well. The victory that has been secured is not only for your deliverance, but in order that God be glorified as well. Walk in His victory, and give glory and praise to His name as you do!

If you've not already done so...

Go to our Online Bible Study homepage and click on the Week 1 section. There, you will find all the resources you need for this week's sessions.

  • Video segment with Louie for Week 1
  • Scripture for the week
  • Questions to ponder/journal, or use for discussion with others

Lastly for this week, we encourage you spend time in prayer, asking God to remind you afresh of his unfailing love for you, not driven by circumstances or performance, but by his value of you as one of his children.

Prayer for the Week
Dear Lord Jesus, you have already fought every battle, you have defeated every foe. There is no giant that can hope to stand against you. And because I now live and walk in you, I share in your victory as well. May I remember that, may I cherish that, and may I bring glory to your Name as I do so. In your precious and holy name I pray, Amen.
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